25 January 2008

Our Pal Schmoopie

It occurs to me that I never tipped my hand after my defeat in last summer's FACA Rumble Royale. Schmoopie, The Hell-Belching Corgi was my boy. I loved him like an idiot step-child and I threw everything I had into training him but, in the end, he met a superior opponent in Cat O' Nine Tails O' Doom.
To help me begin the healing process; Down-to-Earth Danny Green created the following brilliantly wrong collage, God love him.

24 January 2008


Sigils are keen. My initiation into the theory of sigil magick came from Grant Morrison addressing the 2000 Disinformation Conference in New York. I wasn't there but, bless their black hearts, Richard Metzger and his merry band included highlights from the conference on the second disc of the Disinformation Television Series.
Mr. Morrison was self-admittedly, at the time; "pissed, (that's drunk; he's Scottish) and in about half an hour I'm going to come up on drugs", therefore I thoroughly trust the that he passively and electronicly taught me something about the secret workings of the universe. I may have read something more following the same ideas, I don't know.
The idea, as I understand it, is to fashion a vessel for one's will out of the expression of a desire. One transforms the written expression of said desire from a universal symbol into a personal symbol. In "The Invisibles", Mr. Morrison offers the postulate that written language is a spell created to control people and contain their possibilities. It could be then, that sigil making de-constructs the written word and liberates personal potentiality. However it works, Grant Morrison believes that it does work and he emphatically urges everyone to create their own sigils in order to remake the world in their own image. Because, he argues forces are already using sigils to make a world some of us might not enjoy living in. When you understand the logo as a sigil, suddenly Mr. Morrison's "wacky" notions manifest in a context of practical significance. Corporate branding is transforming the landscape of our daily lives. Whatever you believe, these ideas made sense of a fascination I have with logo design. This is one of my first logos as such and still one of my favorite designs. It's for my own use; "Master of N0ne Studio" is one of my creative alias. I devised this originally by hand but it's a born vector image. This is for a Santa Fe based, start up, drum manufacturer. I did the design for this one and Deadly Danny Green created the vector art (this was before I learned how to turn on a computer). Now I am entering the digital age. I did this for my best, (and sexiest) friend ShRiek as an attempt to encapsulate all of the creative hats she wears in one identity. It is possibly an impossible assignment. She wasn't totally happy with what I came up with. I'm still working on it. As far as this attempt; ct. I love the octopus. I will find a home for the octopus in some future project.

05 January 2008

Goodnight, Little Buster

Takun was my girlfriend's hedgehog. He was just a little guy, but he had the soul of a Viking and he is storming Valhalla.