10 May 2012

This Blog Needs An Enema

Two years since my last post; damn. Is this thing on? Is there anybody out there? What have I been doing with myself? I haven't been mailing any postcards. I did recently draw some puppet sleaze:

15 August 2010

Postcard Project: Part The First

Behold the first series of postcards of postcards I've hand made for my special someone, to kill some time while we're a ways away from each other. Two of these actually reached their destination, while two appear to have been eternally sacrificed to the dark gods of the united states postal system.

I still gots some time to kill, so if you want to be my special friend, drop me an email, (if you've got mine) or else a direct message on faceschmuck, with your physical address, and evil postal overlords permitting, I will send you something strange.

07 May 2010


If you're in Santa Fe, this piece is hanging in CCA's 10th annual, Collect: Inside 8 show, opening June 7th. That's tonight!

23 February 2010