19 February 2008

Birthday Suits

This was a quickie for a birthday card for my boss's girlfriend. Inside the card I wrote: "I didn't know what you would like for your birthday so, this is just a little something I know I like!" The sketch was completed in one sitting, (pretty rare for me) while I was working in the projection booth. The following day, I took it to school, scanned it and added the letters in Photoshop. Viola!
It went over very well, which was a relief. Giving a girl you don't know very well a drawing you did of two hot, mostly naked chicks making out might not always be a hit.

14 February 2008


Seems likely that this will be the last Valentine I make for ShRiek. It is also the very first, entirely digital artwork I've done for her. Go ahead and tell me one thing doesn't have to do with the other, but for all of the neat possibilities this new epoch of communication opens to us it takes something away. Just read the fights ShRiek has posted on her blog, rubberjellyfish; held entirely via text messages between she and I. Rereading them, I feel I have attained a new level of "omg, r u 4 rl?" eloquence. And, of course, it's handy that they are preserved for posterity. Somehow, they lack the gut-punched immediacy of the good old fashioned screaming matches. Maybe I'm just getting old. "The world I growed up in is gone."

08 February 2008

Hit me with your best shot, Flier away

Up and coming Gods of Fantasy Metal, Gnossurrus,are reincarnated and having their first official gig Saturday, February 23rd at the CCA. Psyched as I could be for that fact alone; I am honored to have been asked to design a flier image to advertise the show.

This was a first treatment that I pulled together with pieces I'd originally developed for a fictional cd cover project for one of my classes.

Riffing on a theme, trying to keep the image basic for easy, (and cheap) reproduction. I like these for the wholly inappropriate sporting apparel evocation, (think izod Gnossurrus).

I was and, frankly, am delighted with this version, particularly with the happy accident in the lettering. But, with any luck the finished design might end up in the paper and this probably would not reproduce favorably on newsprint. So:

In a lot of ways, this is the most finished version. I'm happy to have revised it until I could get to this point.